Mikael Ramels kajuta



Let it flow
Music and lyrics: Mikael Ramel / 1972

Original Title: Flödet
Lyrics into English: Roy Colgate

I just can´t seem to change my ways -
I always try to raise the tempo.
As if it were some kind of craze -
to take things up a bit in tempo.

I´ve got no special aim in sight -
no golden rule I´m set on proving.
I don´t pretend I´m wrong or right -
just feel the need to keep things moving.

Even faster – now I´m almost flying
Why not join me – there´s no harm in trying
Please believe me – it will really set you free
Can you feel it – it´s flowing round inside you
Take it easy – and let the music guide you
Soon you´ll find out – where all the streams are leading to

So let the rhythm start to roll -
and take the beat a little faster.
We´ll fill our bodies up with soul -
and we´ll be happy ever after.
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