Mikael Ramels kajuta



Burning grass
Music and lyrics: Mikael Ramel / 1972

Original Title: Lukter Runt Holken
Lyrics into English: Roy Colgate

It´s smelling of wild honey – as well as the grass –
it´s smelling of grass.
It´s smelling as though it´s the scent of our very own grass.
The smell of our wild honey – the smell of our fresh green grass -
smelling of wild honey and smelling of grass.

Just see how the grass is burning – and smelling so good –
it smells really good.
We´re burning the grass and inhaling the smoke with our minds.
And now that the fire is burning – I´m breathing it in again -
it´s swirling around my head drifting into my brain.
We remember when we were children setting fire to the grass so green.
We´ll never forget how our mother would see us and scream:

"Watch out! How on earth can you children believe
you can just hang around and
look out – at the world as it comes up at you - still you act as you do.
Your attitudes never cease to amaze me -
never heard anything like it before.
Sometimes I think that you´re driving me crazy.
Wait ´til you see what this life has in store -
for soon you´ll be finding out just how far wrong it can go!"

It´s always the height of summer – at least in my dreams –
we´re all to be seen
sitting around and enjoying the smell of our grass.
We´re feeling the fire surround us – we´re watching the smoke arise -
smelling the burning grass as it´s making us high.
© Pygmé Musikförlag AB
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